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PAD Detection FLOCHEC™ Digital ABI

PAD Detection Right in Your Office.
The first step in successfully managing or treating PAD is detecting it. The FLOCHEC™ Digital ABI is a four-minute in-office test that provides a pulse waveform, digital ABI, and blood flow index on site. This allows you to discuss results with your patients immediately and treat or refer them to a specialist as needed. The FLOCHEC™ Digital ABI can be used to check patients with skin ulcerations and discolorations, follow changes in diabetics and others at risk for PAD, and to evaluate patients pre and post-intervention.

PAD Detection
The majority of PAD cases may go undetected. PAD has historically been under-detected because expensive equipment and specialized personnel were required to perform an ABI test.

How it Works
IR light is transmitted into the digits and a sensor measures the reflected light which correlates with the volume of blood in the arteries and blood flow. A simple ratio of leg to arm flow is reported as an index.

Safety information

Safety information

Indications for Use: To monitor relative blood flow changes distal to the occlusion of a brachial, radial, ulnar, or femoral artery. From the physician history and clinical findings, the person has pain, claudication, or changes in blood flow to an extremity.

Contraindications: The device cannot be used on persons with no fingers or toes, or any person under 18 years of age.

Warning: The results may be subject to motion or movement artifacts. The device was not tested on patients with gross tremors.

Three primary components that have the potential to reduce the risk of amputation even in advanced stages of Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI).

Whether you are a referring physician trying to identify your at-risk patients or an interventionalist trying to restore blood flow, Bard offers tools to help you detect and treat PAD. The first step in treating PAD is detecting the disease early. One of the available tests is the FLOCHEC™ Digital ABI, which offers simple, accurate in-office test for PAD. Once a patient has been diagnosed with PAD and requires intervention, Bard offers a range of treatment tools to restore and sustain blood flow, including the CROSSER® CTO Recanalization System for chronic total occlusions, the ULTRAVERSE® and VASCUTRAK® PTA Dilation Catheters for balloon angioplasty and the LIFESTENT® Vascular Stent System, the first FDA-approved SFA and proximal popliteal stent.

Northwest Vascular Lab
Portland, OR

A Simple, Fast and Sensitive Approach to Detect Peripheral Arterial Disease in an Office Setting

Patient Overview
Fourteen patients with 27 affected limbs had previously been diagnosed with PAD via ultrasound and/or angiography in one or both limbs.

Procedural Highlights
Each patient was assessed first with a Doppler Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) and then with the FLOCHEC™ Digital ABI after a light exercise protocol. Measurements with the FLOCHEC™ Digital ABI were made bilaterally at both index fingers and both big toes.

The FLOCHEC™ Digital ABI was comparable to standard ABI in terms of recognizing reductions in arterial flow to the lower extremities. The sensitivity of both the Doppler ABI and FLOCHEC™ System was 78%. FLOCHEC™ Digital ABI may have significant advantages in clinical practice in terms of applicability, reproducibility, and ease of use.

The opinions and clinical experiences presented herein are for informational purposes only. The results from this case study may not be predictive for all patients. Individual results may vary depending on a variety of patient specific attributes. The center staff received compensation for the time and effort in preparing the above case study for further use and distribution.

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